A platform built for a new way of learning

Bring technology into the classroom and get things done

Learning Meets Technology

Increase students’ learning and engagement

Use IT tools in class and let students easily accomplish tasks, learn new skills, and create learning outcomes

Choose the best set of IT tools by learning from a global community experience

Enable students to deliver quality learning outcomes, faster

Measure skills acquisition, automatically, in real-time

Track students' progress and skill acquisition from a single dashboard

Get notified in real-time about issues that require your attention

Include consistent metrics for soft skills and processes in your grading system

Easily incorporate SEL principles into day-to-day activities

Use IT tools like messaging and collaboration tools to impart social and emotional skills

Enable SEL in every activity, be it a short in-class task, or long-term project

Cultivate social awareness and grow self-awareness with real-time dashboards and analytics

Bring technology into the classroom and easily measure students' performance and skills acquisition